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Byteline provides the easy-to-use Knack - Update Records node, which interacts with the online Knack databases without coding. This node allows users to insert, update and delete objects using the Knack API. In this documentation, you will learn how to configure the Knack - Update Records node and update the database.

For this documentation, we are assuming a flow is initiated with a simple scheduler node followed by Reddit - Get Subreddit Posts, but it is noted that you can use the Knack - Update Records node with any trigger node. For more, you can check our documentation- How to Create your First Flow Design.

Follow the steps outlined below to update your Knack records.


In this section, you will learn to create the flow. 

Step 1: Click on Add button of the node to select the next node for the flow.

Step 2: Select the Knack - Update Records node to update the online Knack records. 


In this section, you will learn to configure the Knack - Update Records node. 

Step 1: Click on the Edit button to configure the Knack - Update Records node. 

Step 2: Click on the Configure it now button to access the Knack database through Byteline. 

Navigate to your Knack account and follow the below-mentioned instructions to connect the Knack database with Byteline.

Step 3: Log in to your Knack account and navigate to the Settings tab from the left side menu bar. 

Step 4: Select the API & code option from the settings menu and copy the application ID and API Key provided. 

Step 5: In the connection window, enter the Knack Application ID and API key. Once done, click on the save button. 

Now, you have successfully connected your Knack account with Byteline. 

Step 6: Select the Object you want to update from the dropdown menu. 


Step 7: Next, tick the loop over checkbox and select the corresponding node from which you want to retrieve multiple records. 

Step 8: Click on the Selector button appearing next to the selected column for mapping its value.

You can select the data type for the input data. 

Let’s explore the advanced functionalities to configure the Knack - Update Records node. 

Advanced Functionalities

Click on the Expand button in the Knack -Update Records configuration window to explore all the advanced options to manage your Knack data, which includes:

  • Filter Existing Items
  • Updates
  • Deleted At Source

Filtering Existing Items

Filter the existing records in the Knack that you want to update and delete.

Select the None option if you don't want to apply the filter to the Knack records.


Select the Filter option to apply the filter to the required existing records.


In the Knack Column field, enter the Column ID to which you want to apply the filter. You can choose to filter the existing items based on various parameters, including:

  • Equals To 
  • Not Equals To
  • Contains
  • Not Contains

Enter the Value of the Knack column for applying the filter.



To manage the existing records, you can select one of the below-discussed update strategies:

  • Skip Updates
  • Overwrite
  • Overwrite When

Select the Skip Updates option in case you don't want any data updates on your existing records. 

Select the Overwrite option to replace old items with the new data when required.

Select the Overwrite When option to set a specific condition based on which the update should be performed.

Deleted at Source

When you delete a record from the source data, but it still exists in your Knack, then you can decide how to manage it.

If you select the Ignore option, you will not be able to delete any source data.


Select the Set a Column Value option to set a column to a specific value for deletion. For example, you can configure to set the status column to expired.

Select the Delete option to remove the data from the Knack database, which is already deleted from the source. 

Click on the Save button to save the node configuration.

Once you save the configuration, the indicator over the top-right corner of the code node will turn green.

Your Knack-Update Records node has been configured successfully. 

If you have any doubts, feel free to connect with us. Develop fast! 

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