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In Byteline you can easily integrate Reddit API to pull data from any subreddit. You will see in this document how to get data from Reddit and use that on the other flow nodes.

Create Flow

For this document, we are assuming a flow is initiated with a simple HTTP trigger node. For more detail, you can check How to create your first flow design.

Step -1: Select the Reddit node from the select node window.

SignIn to Reddit

Step -1: Click on the edit button of the Reddit node to start the configuration.

Step-2: Click on the sign-in to Reddit button to connect your Reddit account.

Step -3: Click on allow button to allow your Reddit access to the Byteline bot.

Add Subreddit

Step -1: Once you establish the Reddit connection. Enter the Subreddit name in the get subreddit posts window for which you want to get posts in the textbox.

Step -2: Click on the save button to save the Reddit node configuration.

How Reddit data is structured

Let's see how Reddit data is structured.

Run the flow

Step -1: Click on the deploy button appearing on the top-right corner of the flow designer window to deploy the flow created.

Step -2: Click on the run button appearing next to the deploy button on the top-right corner of the window to run the flow.

The flow has been successfully deployed and executed.


Let's compare the structure of data on the Reddit site and on the Select Variable Tool.

Structure of data on Reddit site.

Structure of data fetched by the select variable tool of Byteline.

The green indicator shows that the Reddit node has been configured.

Hence, you have successfully configured the Reddit node. Develop fast!

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