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In Byteline, we can insert all data in Google Sheet using the node - Google Sheet - Insert All Values. Byteline allows users to easily integrate Google Sheets, in just a few clicks without the need for coding. 

Use this task to export all values from a single expression to a Google sheet. In contrast, if you want to map the Sheet columns to different expressions, use "Google Sheets - Insert Columns" task instead.

For this documentation, we are assuming you have already initiated a flow. Google Sheet node can work with any trigger. For creating a flow design, you can refer to the guide here

Follow the step below to insert values in a Google Sheet. 


Step 1: Click on the add button to add the next node. 

Step 2: Select the Google Sheet - Insert All node from the select node window. 


Step 3: Click on the edit button to open the Google Sheet - Insert All node configuration window.

Step 4: A modal window will appear as shown below. 

Step 5: Enter the Spreadsheet Id in the Spreadsheet Id box. 

How to find the spreadsheet Id of your spreadsheet

Step 6: Open the Google Sheet in which you want to insert the data. 

Step 7: Copy the spreadsheet Id from the spreadsheet URL, as shown below: 

Step 8: Switch to the Byteline console to enter the spreadsheet Id in the spreadsheet Id input box. 

Step 9: Enter the sheet name in the sheet name input box to insert the data in the particular sheet. 

Users can check the Auto generate headers to generate the headers automatically based on the JSON field IDs. This action can only be performed when the spreadsheet is empty.

If you want the node to clear the existing data from the spreadsheet before inserting data in it, click on the Clear values from the Spreadsheet checkbox.

Step 10: Enter the Spreadsheet data, which should be in the format of a JSON array of arrays. (You need to mention a two-dimensional array here). You can use the Byteline Transform task node to easily convert the data to this format.

Step 11: Click on the Save button. 

Step 12: The green color on the node indicates that the node has been successfully configured. 

Your Google Sheet - Insert All Values node has been configured successfully. Feel free to connect us for any doubt.

Using Google Spreadsheet functions

You can use Spreadsheet formulas to populate your Google Spreadsheet data. But it can only be done using Google Sheets - Insert Columns task. So please use that task instead of this one.

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