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Updated 4 months ago by Devinder Singh

Byteline Workflow

Made by DP Singh with Scribe

1. Navigate to https://console.byteline.io/flow-designer

2. Click "Create flow"

3. Type "new flow"

4. Click "Webhook"

5. Click this icon.

6. Click the "Start typing node type" field.

7. Click "API Connector"

8. Click on the edit button

9. Click method dropdown.

10. Click the "Enter URL" field.

11. Type "https://www.example.com"

12. Click the "Header" field.

13. Click here.

14. Click the "Key" field.

15. Type "Authentication [[tab]] Bearer fdsfsd"

16. Click here.

17. Click "Advanced"

18. Click this dropdown.

19. Click "Test run"

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