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Byteline provides an easy-to-use Webflow upsert (Update or Insert) CMS items node to manage content. A simple and user-friendly interface enables you to create, design, and update content structure without touching a line of code.


Step -1: Create a flow design by including Simple HTTP and Webflow Upsert nodes respectively. For more detail, you can check How to create your first flow design.

The grey indicator show that the node is not configured yet.

How Webflow Upsert node works

This task intelligently figures out whether to update or insert content to the Webflow CMS. This task first gets CMS content using an API call, then it compares the unique columns of the Webflow with the upsert data. If the content already exists, you can update the content or otherwise, add the data to the content.


Step -1: Configure the Simple HTTP method with the API URL you want to send the data via the POST method. For more detail check out: Simple HTTP node configuration.

Step -2: To open the configuration dialog, tap on the edit button of the Webflow Upsert node.

Step -3: Hit on the Sign-in Webflow CMS button to connect your Webflow CMS with the node.

The node will connect successfully once you enter your Webflow CMS ID and password.

Step -4: Click on the Site dropdown arrow to select any of the sites such as No-code Business Starter.

Step -5: Tap on the Collection dropdown arrow to select any of the collections such as TestCovidCountries.

Step -6: Click on Loop Over checkbox to apply a loop to an array. This step is only required if you want to upsert multiple items to Webflow CMS based on a JSON array. For more details check out: Loop over configuration.

Step -7: Hit the Select Variable Tool button at the top-right corner of the configuration window. This tool lets you select variables to use in your flow. Check out the flow variables documentation for details.

Step -8: To copy the path click on the Grey button of a particular array.

Step -9: Paste the Array path in the loop over the text field. Here the path is pasted to the loop over field, which is only required for the loop over. But you can use the clipboard value in any of the fields.

Step 10: Enter values in the collection text field for mapping the data.

For example, Cases is a collection field and with the syntax @.cases data is mapped in string format from the loop. To convert it to the numerical format, you can use pipe as a data converter in the syntax like this: @cases|number.

Note: Slug field is used to find whether the record exists or not. If slug matches with the record then the record is updated else a new record is created.


To explore the advanced features, click on the collapse icon in the advanced tab.


You can select a specific update strategy to handle the existing items.

Skip Updates - By default skip update gets selected. Therefore, it will only insert the item if it doesn't exist but will skip the updates.


Overwrite - Overwrite will update the old items with the new data when required.


Overwrite When - In overwrite when option, you can set a specific condition based on which the update should be performed . For example, if a value of a specific Webflow CMS column equals true then it will get updated.

overwrite when
Deleted at Source

When a record has been deleted from the source data e.g. a job board, but it still exists in your Webflow CMS collection, then you can specify how to handle it.

Ignore - If you select ignore, it will ignore any deletes in the source data.


Set a Column Value - You can select "set a column value" option to set the value of a specific column to a particular value for the deleted items. For example, you can configure to set the status column to expired.

Set Value

For Webflow CMS, we have an additional option to delete the items from the Webflow CMS collection. If this option is selected, the items deleted in the source data will also be deleted from the Webflow CMS collection.


Click on the save button to save the configuration.


The green indicator shows that the Webflow Upsert node is successfully configured to your flow.

Your Webflow Upsert node has been configured successfully. Feel free to connect us for any doubt. Develop fast!

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