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Byteline provides an easy-to-use Webflow - Update Items node to manage content. A simple and user-friendly interface enables you to create, design, and update content structure without touching a line of code.


Create a flow design by including Airtable-Get Records and Webflow Update Items. For more details, you can check How to create your first flow design.

How Webflow Update Items node works

This node intelligently figures out whether to update content to the Webflow CMS or not. It first retrieves CMS content using an API call, then compares the unique columns of the Webflow with the updated data. If the content already exists, it will get automatically to the WebFlow CMS. But if the content does not exist, the Airtable will automatically add new data to the WebFlow CMS.

Updating multiple items

Loop over can be used to update multiple items in a Webflow CMS Collection. You can check out the document explaining the loop-over configuration.


Step -1: Select the site in your Webflow account from the dropdown menu.

Step - 2: Select a relevant Collection item from the dropdown menu.

For example, here we have selected the Jobs collection item.

Configure Loop Over

Step - 1: Tick the Loop Over checkbox and select the array you want to iterate over.

For instance, when we select the airtable_get_records here for loop over, all the retrieved records get updated as per the WebFlow CMS node fields.

Configure the Mapping of WebFlow CMS Fields

Step -1: Click on the selector button and enter values in the collection text field for mapping the data. You can choose several fields as required.

For example, department is a collection field with the syntax @.field.department. Here, data is mapped in string format from the loop.

Note: Slug field is used to find whether the record exists or not. If slug matches with the record, then the record is updated else a new record is created.

Configure data type

You can configure the data type of the selected field by using the data type icon on the left. If the data type is incorrect, click on the icon to pick the correct data type.


To explore the advanced features, click on the collapse button to access the following items:

  • Filter Existing Items
  • Updates
  • Deleted At Source

Filtering Existing Items

Filter the existing items in the Webflow CMS you want to update and delete.

Select the None option if you don't want to filter Webflow CMS items.

Select the Filter option to filter specified items in the Webflow CMS.

In the WebFlow CMS Column field, enter the Airtable column id you want to filter.

Enter the value based on which you want to apply the filter.

You can choose to filter the existing items based on various parameters, including:

  • Equals To
  • Not Equals To
  • Contains
  • Not Contains


You can select a specific update strategy to manage the existing items.

Select the Skip Updates option to ignore any data upgrades.

Select the Overwrite option to replace old items with the new data as required.

Select the Overwrite When option to set a specific condition based on which the update should be performed.

Deleted at Source

When you delete a record from the source data but it still exists in your Webflow CMS collection, then you can decide how to manage it.

If you select the ignore option, you will not be able to delete any source data.

Set a Column Value option allows you to set a column to a specific value for deletion. For example, you can set the column status to expired (value).

For Webflow CMS, we have an additional option to delete the items from the Webflow CMS collection. If this option is selected, the items deleted in the source data will also be removed from the Webflow CMS database.

Click on the save button to save the configuration.

The green indicator shows the successful configuration of the Webflow Update Items node.

Your Webflow Update node configuration competes here. Feel free to connect us for any doubt. Develop fast!

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