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A Byteline connection is used to integrate with a number of SaaS services to facilitate efficient data exchange. Byteline supports manual and OAuth-type connections. In manual type, the user needs to have the API key of service to be integrated; whereas in OAuth type users can access the third-party tool with the help of account login credentials.

Connections Tab

This connection tab lets you see the currently connected services in Byteline. You can use this tab to disconnect services that you no longer use, or add manual auth connections (more below). OAuth connections are added directly from the task nodes, but can be disconnected from this tab.

When a user deletes the connection then its credentials are permanently deleted from Byteline.

Step -1: Click on the Connections tab to view or establish connections.

Manual Type Connection

Manual connections can be directly created and deleted in the connections window.

Step -1: Click on the connections name that you want to establish for example Airtable.

Step -2: Enter the API Key in the textbox for authentication.

Step -3: Click on the Save button to add the connection.

Once a manual connection created, you can click on Delete Connection to delete it.

OAuth Type Connection

OAuth connections can only be created from the task node such as Reddit, Google sheet, Mailchimp, and many more. You can delete the OAuth connection from the Connections window.

Step -1: Click on the sign-in button in the configuration window of the node.

Step -2: Enter credentials and login third-party platform to access its services or data directly from Byteline.

Once you sign-in through the node configuration window, automatically connection will be created.

You can click on the Delete Connection button in the Connections window to delete the OAuth connection.

Thus, you can create and delete a connection between the terminals. Develop fast!

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