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In this development guide, you will understand how to configure the Send email node for your website or application. The Byteline console allows you to send the emails to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Let's get started.  

Create Send Email node

Step -1: To create your flow read how to create your first flow. Name your flow and select form submission node and send email node.

Configure the node

Step -2: You have created the structure of your first flow successfully. Now you have to configure send email node. To execute that, click on the edit button in the top-left corner of the send email node. 

The grey indicator at the top-right corner of the HTTP API node shows that it is yet to be configured.

Step- 3: The Send Email configuration window will appear on the screen. Then follow the given steps as mentioned below:

1. Enter the comma-separated email id of the recipients

2. Enter the subject of the email.

3. Enter the required form information in the body that you want to send via email.

For example: to send the name that came in the form data, use ${}. The name is variable here, this format can be used to specify any data key that comes in the form. In addition to variables, a user can also just type any of the fields. Use variables only when required.

Step -4: Once you complete the configuration, click on the Save button.

Step -5: The green indicator over the top-right corner of the send email node shows that it is successfully configured to your flow.

Your send email node has been configured successfully. Feel free to contact us for any doubt. Develop fast!

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